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Five Chosen web feeds


-This one has great images

art jewellery magasine

Art Jewellery awards Canadian Metal Smiths Guild

Really interesting wearable art blog

Nightwing Brooch

Another disappearer

Green Angel Moonstone pendant

Green Indian Moonstone and sterling silver

Original design

Marian Brandish

Flower Fairy Brooch

Place your order on this spike crosses

Disappearing crosses???

Chair earrings

The disappearing Chair earrings
Some Things seem to have disappeared off my blog

Max and I can't find my original post on Free Software. It should be attached to my Richard Stallman video , however here is another one.
Free Software is software that can be used by the community freely (i.e without charge), usually, as opposed to the software sold by Computer companies to people. Free software can be studied, modified, copied, and redistributed freely amogst p[eople.

In 1983 Richard Stallman started the GNU project to provide this sort of software.

Five free software programmes
Ubantu - a computer operating system
Open office - an office suite which I now use at home -its great, and its free. I do all my typing etc on it.

GIMP- does free image editing
Wordpress- free quite advance blogging
Wikimedia Foundation - supplies free reference, encyclopedia information for us all.

My sources were The Stephen Fry video Max showed us, Leigh's lecture and Wikipedia.

cc license

This is the Creative commons license for my blog

This licence is the most restrictive of our six main licences, allowing redistribution. This licence is often called the “free advertising” licence because it allows others to download your works and share them with others as long as they mention you and link back to you, but they cannot change them in any way or use them commercially.

The Yes Men

The Yes Men

I decided to treat these two artists as one because of their work together as the Yes Men.

Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonnano shot to fame as the Yes Men in a comedy documentary movie about a couple of anti-corporate activist pranksters as they impersonate World Trade
Organisation spokesman on T.V. and at business conferences around the world. Starting with a spoof WTO website, which accidentally attracts real invites for them to represent WTO, the two pranksters take the opportunity to impress their brand of satire on the WTO experts at these conferences. Amazingly they are viewed as new experts with great ideas and the pair go on with wilder and wilder ideas to see how far they can go.

I got this information from the site listed by Dr Su Ballard on Wikipaedia so I think it should be quite accurate.
The interview below I got from YouTube

Below is a later "spoof'" interview created by these two. I enjoy their work and think that they are using it to try and make a difference in a very cunning and different way.
It was great practice for embedding a video in my blog too.

Wafaa Bilal

Wafaa Bilal was born in Iraq in 1966.
Although the political regime prevented him from studing Art - he continued to practice his Art while studying Geography at University. Imprisoned and tortured for his political Art work against Saddam Hussein, he escaped from Iraq and spent two years in a Horror refugee camp before arriving in America in 1992.
Since then he has learnt English and studie Art and won many awards- he now teaches at the Chicago Institute of Art.

He has been unable to vist his family in Iraq for many years and they are now living in the horror of the present Iraq- American conflict, with Wafaa's younger brother being killed recently.

Wafaa continues to make Art works that protest against the oppression of the human spirit and his recent Domestic Tension Art work - where he was in a room for two weeks and people all around the world could shoot actual physical paintballs at him by clicking on their computers
was an example of this.

Again I obtained this information from FAQ on the Wikipaedia site from Dr Su Ballard , however I also had a look at http://crudeoils.us// which was a link from that page and it showed a lot more of Wafaa's work and interviews with him.

I had lots of fun learning how to edit my posts and add things in this time.

Personally I was horrified by the fact that ANYONE would click on their computers and shoot anything at a defenceless chap in a room but it certainly does highten awareness of what it's like living in a war torn country. A very brave work - I felt.

Below is a video of Domestic Tension, or The Paintball project obtained from YouTube.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Link to my new Presence blog



This is my presence project blog

Lots of nice work in here

Please feel free to visit

Presence Project

I looked at three options for developing an on-line presence

1. A blog as I have now - I have worked with it and i like the format and the way you can add information to share quickly and easily.

2. A website- so I can display and sell my work - but I understand that there are costs involved and I have never set one up.

3. Joining the Big Idea Website as a member and contributing work for Exhibition/Sale that would be widely seen. I have looked at this site before and my work has been virtually displayed in the past by a gallery.

I talked to Max and decided that I would set up another blog using Blogger (providing I can do all I want on it) and Max will assist me in making a link to the Big idea website as well, so this seemed the best option for me at present.

Last week I had a look at what was coming up this week and
thought about what I would need to put online
I brought in a text C.V. and some photographic images (printed) of my work.

I found that although I could scan the text C.V. I couldn't then work in it with this programme - I will try to send it to my H Drive in an E-Mail.

I scanned a lot of images and will also search my H Drive for downloaded relevant photos and maybe re photograph my work.

I will try to find a suitable image of myself or/and gat a photo taken to download,
I will write up at home and E-Mail in a statement on my philosophies as an artist,
I will think about the other links I may like all for next week.

I have talked to Max and think I want to make my blog largely photos and text as I think this is the way I want to continue to present my work and it is relatively simple and manageable for me long term - but will be interested to see how to make videos, as I have a video programme on a home computer.

Looking forward to this project- Thanks Digital Lit for the opportunity.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Richard Stallman on Free Software

Richard Stallman the founder of the Free Software concept

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harrison versus Mack Songs

In 1976 George harrison was found guilty of copyright infringement for "My Sweet Lord".
Having listened to this song and Ronald Mack's "He's so Fine" I did find them very similar in Melody and rhythm , the Harmony/Chordal structure quite alike But the tempo (Sweet Lord Slow- So Fine- Fast) quite differentand the lyrics different.

My class colleague Daniel tells me the instruments were different - as a non music crtic I had no idea about this.

I felt that if George Harrison did copy, he did it unconsciously (as he claimed) and that we all pick up ideas from things that we see and hear throughout life - which makes proving/claiming copyright fairly hard I would think.
So I would probably agree with the Court decision ( with some reservations - as above.)

It was a very enjoyable excercise !!!

RS Trekking photo

After reading the licence on flickrI found this image on flickr and chose to upload it because
a) I liked it
b)It was under attribution license on creative commons which allows copying and sharing of the copyrighted work and derivative works so long as credit to the artist/creator is given.

I checked it had a CC licence with Max's help and that it is legal for me to use it as described above.

Keir Smith 'Oh So Criminal"

I enjoyed Keir Smiths "Oh so Criminal " work and thought it was a very clever and appropriate way to create a submission to the Australian Governments " Fair use and other Copyright Exceptions: An examination of fair use, fair dealing and other exceptions in the Digital Age" issues paper, provided in May 2005.

According to copyright law as I understand it "Oh so Criminal" is "illegal" - it has lots of copies of images and sounds, you could argue that it shouldn't be"illegal" because it is satirical BUT if it wasn't "illegal" it would lose a whole lot of its political impact - so to me this is the way the work should be.

I would think it would certainly have a great deal more impact than a written submission

Oh, and just a point keir smith does put his contact on so anyone who spots their (pirated?)work can contact him but of course it is too late because he has already used the work.....

Lebbeus Woods versus Universal Studios 12 Monkeys

1n 1987 Lebbeus Woods drew a chair in a specific environment.
In Dec 1995 Universal Studios released the film 12 Monkeys with a similar looking chair in a similar environment.
In the court case between Lebbeus and Universal Studios the decision was for Lebbeus Woods implying that Universal had stolen his image.
I felt that it was all pretty nebulous - although the chairs and environments were similar - I didn't see any handcuffs on the Lebbeus chair (as there were in the film) and it was a only a couple of scenes in the whole film and the chair looked to be used in quite a different context in the film to the way it appeared in the sketch.
I don't know whether Lebbeus wood was paid for his original sketch buy anyone but in some way he had (presumably) already made his sketch available to the public and while I would never deny an artist their rights in my opinion I think that he was probably lucky to get a favorable court decision.
Marian Brandish

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Useful for all sorts of Art work

Bronze Ring casting Exhibition

Yet another photo from Bronze Ring Casting This time the Exhibition

Bronze Ring Casting 2


This is the wrong way up!!!