Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Presence Project

I looked at three options for developing an on-line presence

1. A blog as I have now - I have worked with it and i like the format and the way you can add information to share quickly and easily.

2. A website- so I can display and sell my work - but I understand that there are costs involved and I have never set one up.

3. Joining the Big Idea Website as a member and contributing work for Exhibition/Sale that would be widely seen. I have looked at this site before and my work has been virtually displayed in the past by a gallery.

I talked to Max and decided that I would set up another blog using Blogger (providing I can do all I want on it) and Max will assist me in making a link to the Big idea website as well, so this seemed the best option for me at present.

Last week I had a look at what was coming up this week and
thought about what I would need to put online
I brought in a text C.V. and some photographic images (printed) of my work.

I found that although I could scan the text C.V. I couldn't then work in it with this programme - I will try to send it to my H Drive in an E-Mail.

I scanned a lot of images and will also search my H Drive for downloaded relevant photos and maybe re photograph my work.

I will try to find a suitable image of myself or/and gat a photo taken to download,
I will write up at home and E-Mail in a statement on my philosophies as an artist,
I will think about the other links I may like all for next week.

I have talked to Max and think I want to make my blog largely photos and text as I think this is the way I want to continue to present my work and it is relatively simple and manageable for me long term - but will be interested to see how to make videos, as I have a video programme on a home computer.

Looking forward to this project- Thanks Digital Lit for the opportunity.

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