Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some Things seem to have disappeared off my blog

Max and I can't find my original post on Free Software. It should be attached to my Richard Stallman video , however here is another one.
Free Software is software that can be used by the community freely (i.e without charge), usually, as opposed to the software sold by Computer companies to people. Free software can be studied, modified, copied, and redistributed freely amogst p[eople.

In 1983 Richard Stallman started the GNU project to provide this sort of software.

Five free software programmes
Ubantu - a computer operating system
Open office - an office suite which I now use at home -its great, and its free. I do all my typing etc on it.

GIMP- does free image editing
Wordpress- free quite advance blogging
Wikimedia Foundation - supplies free reference, encyclopedia information for us all.

My sources were The Stephen Fry video Max showed us, Leigh's lecture and Wikipedia.

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