Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Harrison versus Mack Songs

In 1976 George harrison was found guilty of copyright infringement for "My Sweet Lord".
Having listened to this song and Ronald Mack's "He's so Fine" I did find them very similar in Melody and rhythm , the Harmony/Chordal structure quite alike But the tempo (Sweet Lord Slow- So Fine- Fast) quite differentand the lyrics different.

My class colleague Daniel tells me the instruments were different - as a non music crtic I had no idea about this.

I felt that if George Harrison did copy, he did it unconsciously (as he claimed) and that we all pick up ideas from things that we see and hear throughout life - which makes proving/claiming copyright fairly hard I would think.
So I would probably agree with the Court decision ( with some reservations - as above.)

It was a very enjoyable excercise !!!

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