Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keir Smith 'Oh So Criminal"

I enjoyed Keir Smiths "Oh so Criminal " work and thought it was a very clever and appropriate way to create a submission to the Australian Governments " Fair use and other Copyright Exceptions: An examination of fair use, fair dealing and other exceptions in the Digital Age" issues paper, provided in May 2005.

According to copyright law as I understand it "Oh so Criminal" is "illegal" - it has lots of copies of images and sounds, you could argue that it shouldn't be"illegal" because it is satirical BUT if it wasn't "illegal" it would lose a whole lot of its political impact - so to me this is the way the work should be.

I would think it would certainly have a great deal more impact than a written submission

Oh, and just a point keir smith does put his contact on so anyone who spots their (pirated?)work can contact him but of course it is too late because he has already used the work.....

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